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TV Shows

Can we stop making so many good TV shows?
Cos I've still got half of Breaking Bad to do,
I can watch a season in a day as long as I don't blink,
and I haven't blinked since I watched Doctor Who.

When I love someone, George RR Martin kills them
and that's why I'm afraid to make new friends
So can we stop making so many good TV shows
Or give Lost a more satisfying end

I have blocked all of my friends because of spoilers
I think my girlfriend left me during season 3
I put a fridge beside my chair, and a toilet
I don't shower any more, I use Febreeze

My neighbours have reported that I'm missing
Netflix pop-ups are reminding me to wash
The police are now concerned about the smell of decay
I've got a five episode rule when food is dropped

I watched a box set back to back, without sleeping,
and built a barricade against the walking dead.
So can we stop making so many good TV shows?
And make Series Two of Firefly instead!