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Upcoming Jollyboat Tour Events

It's a big year for Jollyboat! The annual JollyCon fan convention, another epic Edinburgh Fringe run coming up, and you don't have to wait, because we're on tour right now.

These gigs often sell out, but if not there will be tickets on the door (check the Facebook event page, or contact us)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Confirmed again! Jollyboat are a cult favourite at Fringe, with crowds of people coming back to see us every year. Arrive early — queues go round the block, and usually start 30 minutes before show time.

Always On the Road

Even when it's not tour season, we're constantly up and down the country at fan conventions, festivals and comedy clubs.

We also do weddings and private parties, feel free to get in touch and ask for a quote :)

Look at the queues we get for Jollyboat Fringe shows!