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Siblings Tommy and Ed have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of comedy song.

Jollyboat tour worldwide (check out our tour dates!) - we play Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, and tour festivals from Spain to Australia.

Our fans are awesome - we hang out and play board games - so come and join the best pirate crew in the world!

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Our Origin Story

Tommy & Ed started performing at a local open mic in their teens. Being less technically accomplished than the other acts, they learnt to combine Ed's self-confidence and Tommy's comedy writing skills to come up with a style that audiences loved.

Their side-project was making a video game (which was never actually finished). Inspired by cult-classic "The Secret of Monkey Island", it was going to be a pirate-themed roguelike about 2 adventuring pirate bards. They never made the game. Barely even started. But they did write the soundtrack - a medley of pirate-themed parodies of pop songs.

Having run out of material one week at the open mic, they performed the theme song. It was a huge hit, bookings started coming in for local festivals and even a wedding, and the whole thing snowballed into an accidental career as comedy pirate brothers.

This surprise success took them to Edinburgh Fringe, and had them touring comedy clubs and festivals all over the world. They continued writing songs about the geeky things they love (like Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons, and Batman), and now they regularly appear at fan conventions, fringe theatre festivals & comedy clubs across the country, to crowds of very happy geeks.

When they're not touring they're still working on game ideas, weird artistic projects, and living happily ever after.

Tommy [they/them]: the brainy one

(As written by Ed)

Tommy is hyper-intelligent. They are a technology genius: They made their own instrument out of a computer keyboard, coded our slideshow program, and they even made a program which can write comedy songs by itself (although not about itself).

Tommy is also the 'jokes' person. They love jokes. If there's a clever joke in our show, they wrote it.

They love to study languages, which is possibly the geekiest thing I ever nerd of. If you ever get them in a conversation, ask them the etymology of any word - it's fun trying to catch them out.

Ed [he/him]: the emo one

(As written by Tommy)

Ed is naturally lucky and charismatic and everybody likes him. It's annoying.

He is massively geeky about games - playing games, making games, learning about game design theory. He loves tabletop roleplaying games, and designed our show Roleplay Cabaret, a live, interactive roleplaying show.

He's crazy about ghost stories and horror theory, and he's really into gender and human rights.