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# Disney Princess Rap
Cinderella, she could be miss right
And that dress she's wearin's disappearin' at midnight
Call me prince charming, cos my game is bitch-tight
I've seen more vagina than the average midwife

If Belle brings the Beauty, I've got the Beast
I'd lock her in a dungeon, and keep her on a leash
De-flower her rose, all the petals will fall
I'd be her animal lover, she'd be the Belle of my balls

Princess Jasmine, needs to get a lad in
Rub my lamp an', her wishes will be granted
I'll show her the world, no hiding my love
Take her wonder by wonder, while I'm riding her rug

Ariel's got no legs, and no coochie
I can't give her head, cause I don't like sushi
I'm not a leg man, I wanna get HER tail
come in her blow-hole, until she's a sperm-whale

Tinkerbell's far too tiny to tap
She comes to life when I give her the clap
Hooked on hook, it's like she's addicted
and when she comes she squirts, fairy liquid