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Disney Star Wars

When you switch on a death-star,
Makes no difference who you are,
The planet will be blown apart
and so will you

Luke... I'm your father,
What a wonderful phrase!
A-Luke I'm your father,
We tested DNA.
It means no wookies, for the rest of your days,
So come join with me
it's prophesy!
'cause Luke, I'm your father

I'll never be a Jedi knight, although I try a lot,
— Padawan, there is no try. Do, or you do not.
If I can ever do this thing, then it'll be a shock,
I just cannot concentrate while working on my rock,
— I find your lack of faith disturbing.
But I just can't raise an X-Wing!

R-2D2! (whistle!) I wanna beep like you! (whistle!)
Wanna — [help me Obi Wan Kenobi,
You're my only hope] — ...too.
You C, 3PO, a droid like me (whistle!)
Can learn to be an R2, too!

I can see what's happening,
They don't even know.
They'll fall in love, and here's the weird part.
Luke is Leia's bro.
Can you feel the Force tonight?

Once upon a time,
In a galaxy far far away-er,
Just another mister,
Trying to kiss his sister:
Luke and Princess Leia.

I can blow up your world,
Alderaan torn asunder
Tell me princess,
Where is the rebel base you hide,
A hole in your world
(Don't you dare close your eyes)

Look for the Deathstar weaknesses,
the simple deathstar weaknesses,
Forget about your scanners, close your eyes, [yeah Han!]
I mean those Deathstar weaknesses,
The forces own technique it is,
I use to bullseye wamprats at that size.

in Mos Eisley! in Mos Eisley!
You'll never find
a more wretched hive
Of scum-villany!
What do they got? a lot of sand,
We got a hot cantina band,
Each little Ewok,
Know how to bee-bop,
in Mos Eisley
Ev-er-y Wookie,
Know how to boogie,
in Mos Eisley,
Jabba the Hutt
is shaking his butt,
Each bounty hunter,
doin' the rumba,
we got a Wampa,
leading the conga,
in Mos Eisley!