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# Harry Potter Poem
You are the portkey ‖ Into my heart.
You're my Room of Requirement ‖ And my Confundus charm
The Sorting Hat's spoken ‖ you belong in MY House.
I never knew magic was real ‖ I know now
Your smile's Expelliamus ‖ — Disarming.
Were you taught by Flitwick ‖ Cos you're so damn charming
I thought Hippogriffs, ‖ and true love were myths
But you're like a Dementor — ‖ You drive me crazy with your kiss.

Did I drink Cupid Crystals, ‖ Was I hit by his arrows
I don't want to sound shallow ‖ But you had me at Hallows
Did you say Relashio ‖ 'Cause sparks flew between us
Now my heart is on fire ‖ Like the end of my… Phoenix.
I couldn't be luckier ‖ If I had Felix Felicis
Cos I'm under your spell ‖ you're a chamber of secrets.
So get me the Gillyweed ‖ Let me go deeper
You're like Oliver Wood, ‖ I mean you're a Keeper.

My heart's pounding like a bludger ‖ And fluttering like a snitch
If I had all the gold in Gringotts ‖ I wouldn't be this rich
Like a Nimbus 2000 ‖ you swept me off my feet
You're always surprising, ‖ Like Every-Flavour Beans
You're a basilisk, I die ‖ when I look in your eyes.
You're the golden snitch; I've ‖ been a seeker all of my life.
You're the Imperius Curse ‖ I'd do anything for ya
Will you be my teacher? ‖ Cos I Dumble-adore ya