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# Hookups and a Dog
There's some audience interaction in this one, but we know that can get cringey, so we've made it very easy
When I point at you, bark like a dog.

Do do dododo dog (ruff!)
Do do dododo dog (ruff!)
Do do dododo dog (ruff!)

This song is called: Hookups and a Dog

There's a hundred thousand songs about falling in love,
and about a million more about breaking up.
But all I need right now is a bit o' ruff!
To have hookups and a dog. (ruff!)

I won't just roll over and beg for your treats
I'm gonna chase tail while I take off the leash
There's a furry-tail romance, sitting and waiting for me
To have hookups and a dog. (ruff!)

There's this girl I'd ask out, but I don't have the balls,
- - though, neither does my best friend.

Look, I think you're awesome, so I recommend,
That we share some spaghetti and see where it ends,
and if you're down to fetch you can meet my best friend,
I talking' hookups and a dog. (ruff!)
hookups and a dog. (ruff!) (Never mix 'em)
and a dog...
a dogdog...
a dogdogdogdogdog...
Good boy!

SOLO (harmony do do together - no joinins, but repeat theme)

I once loved a dog, I was only eighteen,
But she chewed up my shoes, and then she shat on my dreams,
She was licking my face, but someone else's ass,
Give me hookups - and a cat (meow!)

Cats bring you gifts, they find you new pets,
Some of them bleeding, but most of them dead,
So leave scratches on my back, and hairs in my bed,
Gimme hookups - and a cat (meow!)

[don't need an alarm clock]
[the neighbours feed em]

Crazy wild audience who bark as they clap