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# I Choose You

Sally was like PIKACHU, she was cute, but all the same:
her idea of conversation was REPEATING HER OWN NAME.
Lucy was a JIGGLYPUFF, she was adorably sweet,
But she always sang the same song and it SENT ME TO SLEEP.
I've known a lot of women and I've tried to catch them all,
But loving you's been a MAGICARPET ride and time that we evolve.

Lisa was my PARASECT, I had to get free.
but with her baggage there wasn't mushroom for me.
(We'll always have PARAS!)
And Molly, with her CHARMANDER style, she left me charred,
She lived life too hot for me - admitting that CHARIZARD. {SHAR IS HAAD.}
I've known a lotta woman, I chose to RICHU a song,
Because I NIDOQUEEN and I think you're the one.

ICY. This feels kinda CHANSEY, but -fuckit- WYNAUT
ICY ... know it's too late to hide.
ICY. It seemed FARFETCHED this would BELOSSOM into love.
Use this love to understand the power that's inside.

Lily was a CATERPEE, I found her in the Garden,
BUTTERFREE spirit flew away after she began to HARDEN.
I never knew my last lover's name - I met her on the beach.
The whole thing was an error, but I'm MISSING-NO sleep.
I've known a lot of women, but I've been SEA-KING from the start,
to say "I LOVEDISC woman with my whole heart".

ICY I could tell NINETAILS of crazy EEVEE-nings out,
ICY ... make me forgot what was.
ICY. Your lips - I wanna SMOOCHUM such a kissable MEOWTH,
To catch you is my real test, to love you is my cause!

(Let me WHISMER in your ear)
(Becuase it's time I BROCK the news)
(I MISTY-OU when you left me)
(You ASH-ED me to.)

I've Unown a lot of women, but I'm not sure what I knew.
Until a wild you appeared... now I CHOOSE YOU!

ICY. I don't wanna JYNX this, it's too good to BAYLEEF,
ICY ... bring out the best in me.
ICY. I'm just being ONYX, 'cos as far as EKANS see,
it's you and me - I know it's our destiny.
ICY. There's no SHAYMIN these feelings!
ICY. I guess you GROUDON me,
ICY. I want my life to STARYU,
Cos since my first PIKACHU