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# Keyboard Love Song
You told me that you needed space,
You said you had to escape,
I was so sure you were the right one,
It seems some things mean more than fate.
I lost control when you left my home,
I can’t find it since,
You see you are A star,
And I am your prince.

I want to, (×7)
I want to restart.
'cos you are the apple of my eye,
and the eyes are the windows to the heart


My heart Pounds, Euro’ver me Doll,ah...
so much I can't undo.
I don't wanna be your enemy;
I can’t function without you.
Oh my goddess
I think I’ve found the one.
Our love is so refreshing,
And I'd been searching for so long.

I feel numb, when we lock eyes.
I've tried talking bold. But I'm always lost for words.
I've tried to tell you that I love you.
But I end up saying the reverse.

I'm not Too Wise to play z-hero.
I will sail the Seven Seas,
Tilde day that I capsize,
or you Return to me.